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Do your research if you want the truth…..

Some people who say they do not like Michael Jackson, do not know why.

So I say was it his music you do not like? they say no, I liked his music.

Was it Michael’s appearance? They say no, not really.

So I ask when did you meet Michael? They say they never did.

Then they mention the allegations, I say but Michael was found innocent of all charges. I say the FBI investigated Michael for 17 years and found absolutely nothing.

So I say:

  • Don’t believe what you read in the Newspapers.
  • Don’t believe what you see reported on TV.
  • Don’t believe what you read in magazines.
  • Because what you are seeing is the money speaking, not the truth.

So I say why don’t you like Michael? They say they don’t know???????

Do your research if you want the truth…..


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