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These pages, https://www.globalmj.net/events/michael-week.html, https://globalmj.net/events/michael-birthday-week-august.html, are intended to list Michael Jackson related Events (MJ Events) for June and August in LA and Las Vegas.
The Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/GlobalMJEvents/, is intended to list Michael Jackson related Events from around the world, including the above.
You are welcome to share your Event on these pages.
We will only approve posts related to MJ Events.
You can Message me with your Event details. Messenger: https://m.me/GlobalMJEvents


This List will be accessible by phone/tablet online at GlobalMJ.net: https://www.globalmj.net/events/michael-week.html
This List will be accessible by phone/tablet online at GlobalMJ.net: https://globalmj.net/events/michael-birthday-week-august.html
This List will be accessible by phone/tablet online at Tube4MJ.com: https://tube4mj.com/events/michael-week.htmlThis Global MJ Events List – and Disclaimer is also available here: https://globalmj.net/events/global-mj-and-disclaimer.html
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalMJEvents/

Disclaimer for Facebook Page:

  • All other non related posts will be deleted. This page was created for Events & News for MJ Events.
  • If your post or discussion is: Abusive, threatening, insulting, intimidating or in any way negative, your post will be deleted, you may also be blocked.
  • Please do not post your Event Details in ALL CAPS. This is considered SHOUTING, it will not get your Event included any quicker, it may not get your Event included at all.
  • The Addition of Your Event is at the sole discretion of the Admin of this page.
  • The Admin of the Page is not responsible for any inaccuracy of any Event.
  • The Accuracy of an Event is totally up to the actual Event Organizer.
  • Yes, we are not Robots, we do make mistakes, eg: spelling. We do welcome constructive, courteous feedback.
  • Requested Event Additions to the Online List on the website. Please provide, plain text, NO ALL CAPS, for your Event. Include all details of the Event

Name of the Event,
Exact Location/Address,
Short Description,
Time of the Event,
Whether the Event is Free or *** Paid Event, Cost if any, Link to Purchase Tickets, if required, and
Parking: is there parking available near or at the event? Is there a cost for Parking?
Event Page,
Name and link to the Organizer of the Event..

  • When you Submit your Event, the posting of it will not be instant. This is Volunteer work, thank you for your understanding and patience.

*** Paid Event: Unless indicated otherwise, the cost of the event is usually payable at the event, on the day of the event, directly to the Event Organizer. Please DO NOT pay any individual any money in advance, unless you know the Event Organizer personally. On some Events there will be a link provided for Advance Ticket Sales. Whilst we do our best to check out each Event, the Admin page or Maintainer of the list of events is not responsible for any event sales, or money sent to Event Organizers in advance.
Thank you.

Please note:
I am not associated with The Michael Jackson Estate and do not make any profit out of this List of Events. If there is an Event listed which is associated with The Michael Jackson Estate, it will be acknowledged as such. If you are a member of the Jackson family, a friend, or worked with Michael Jackson, and would like to attend a particular Event, please let me know, and I will endeavour to put you in contact with the Event Organizer. All contact is kept in strict confidence.

Contact Me: https://globalmj.net/contacts.html
Messenger: https://m.me/GlobalMJEvents



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