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Tube4MJ is dedicated to honoring one the greatest humanitarians, ambassador for our planet, and entertainers of our time, Michael Jackson.


So why Tube For MJ?

I have been a lifelong Fan of Michael Jackson. After Michael passed away in 2009, I started to Favourite many Youtube videos and started my own Youtube Channel Tube4MJ.
So the “Tube” is an abbreviation for YouTube, and of course it is mostly about everything related to Michael Jackson., therefore Tube4MJ.

I know there are a lot of websites out there paying tribute to Michael, however I just wanted to share, some information I have found.
Some of the site is just about my thoughts, feelings at the time.
Interviews that have moved me, songs and Michael’s messages which have inspired me.

My love for Michael Jackson has taken me all over the world, to places I never even thought I would be able to visit.
I have met so many wonderful people, all because of Michael.

RIP with the Angels, Michael Jackson L.O.V.E.

Please check back soon for updated content…

Visit to Michael's Statue, Guangzhou Sculpture Park, China 2011

Visit to Michael’s Statue, Guangzhou Sculpture Park, China 2011


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