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World premiere: Heal the World 2020

I love this, happy to be invited and involved in a small part.
Thank you Keen and everyone involved in making this video.
Heal The World, Smile and stay safe and healthy everyone.

World premiere: Heal the World 2020
– a cover project to send love and comfort during COVID-19 pandemic.

The project is initiated by MJJCN, paticipated by more than 100 singers and blessed by the Jackson family and many Michael’s friends and collaborators, as well as fans and fanclub leaders all around the world.

2020 launched us into the rampant coronavirus pandemic.
Wuhan, China and then the world fell into crisis.
Let’s find hope in the darkness.
Let’s seek strength from our sorrows.
Let’s come together as ONE.
Shimmering lights can shine bright together!

We are grateful that we can do this song created by one and only “King of Pop, Rock and Soul” Michael Jackson, which shines the humanitarian brilliance. Besides “Heal the World,” we also did a cover of “Smile,” a song that conveys positive energy to overwhelm the sorrows and sadness. We just hope so.

Executive Producer : Keen Zhang

Song producer : Kenny Saxton

Video producer : Joshua Liu

Singers: Alex To, Tinckson, WilsonSir, Jeremy Chen, Nikki., Amy Su, Rhythm J, Ze Bei, Jelena , Coffee, Lin Yetao, Yuliya Sycheva, Clara Adelaide Lima de Andrade , Kerry Hennigan, Góngora Romera, Matthias Goethals, Deni Adler Topuzoglu, Brenda Porto, Deepshikha Mukherjee, Lorenza, TINGTINGS, Ade, Julian Tatsuo, Jayne Feng, Elvis Wang, Tyne, Roy Zhou, Yaoyao Ling and more…

Special Thanks to:

The Estate of Michael Jackson
The Estate of Charlie Chaplin
Sony Music Entertainment
3T: Taj, Taryll & TJ Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
Thomas Mesereau Jr., Alice Wang
Vincent Paterson, René Lamontagne
Brad Sundberg, Travis Payne
Ben Gershowitz, Jordan Gershowitz
Craig Williams, Michael Li, SKY
Karen and Miko Brando, LaVelle Smith Jr.
Laura Serrano, Toni Arias
Melanie Freeman, MariaAmelia Sousa
Richard Lecocq, Delfim Miranda
MJCast, Jamon Bull, Elise Capron, Yuko Sumida
andjustice4some, Karlene Taylor
Danny Oliver, Seány O’Kane, MJInnocent, Deb Morris
Jenny Winings, Danny Wu, Cui & Camilla
Rachel Malone, Lenna Yu
MJVibe, Lois Jackson, Kerry Hennigan…
#MJfam all around China and the world.

Part of footages courtesy of:

People’s Daily, CCTV, China Daily, China News Service,
Tencent News, Xinhua News Agency, CGTN, South China Morning Post, The Straits Times, Chinese Vloggers, and more

* The video is not for commercial use but for charity cause. Copyrights of music, some video footages and audios belong to and courtesy of the original copyright holders.


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